The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience

24 Feb

This summer Shambush! embark on their next exciting project and attempt to set a world record with The Ultimate Kate Bush Experience.With the help of willing recruits from the general public and our ever-talented band of Shambushers we will congregate at Stanmer Park and re-enact Kate Bush’s iconic Wuthering Heights video.

This free event conceived for the love of Bush, will take place on Sat 25 May between 1 – 4pm and is open for all to participate and spectate.

Join us!


For the love of Bush!

The Shambush! Coffee Table Book of Shit Stories: Annie’s Haloumi

20 Jan

This is one I shared with a friend. This one is particular banal. I hope you like it.

I wanted some Haloumi and was going to go to Co-op, but instead I went to the Turkish shop to see if it was cheaper.
It wasnt. I bought it anyway.
My friend’s response was this:  “I like that story, it starts out optimistic, has a dip where things aren’t working out as planned, but then the heroine gets the haloumi in the end.”
Editor’s note: I think adding the response may have elevated the status of this story, but I do hope this does not hinder the enjoyment of this tale, or indeed make the reader feel cheated and that it can still be considered as shit.


Shambush! Mayhem in May

30 Apr

Shambush! are getting about this month with tonnes of performance. We’ll be on the street, in the clubs and totally in tents… (couldn’t resist, sorry)

You can find Shambush!, next Saturday, roaming (or more appropriately ranting) through the streets of Brighton, we’ll be the ones with the tin foil hats…. After that we’ll be having it large at the Playgroup Festival Launch Party and it’s going to be amazing.

We’ll be doing street performance every Saturday in the lead up to the epic Hanging Gardens of Brighton – taking place on the 25th, 26th and 27th of May, where we will also be creating awesome amounts of chaos.

This summer of Shambush! won’t stop there we’ll also be doing some great events on June – So watch this space for more updates!

Shambush! Utopia at The Brighton Dome Pictures – White Night

11 Jan

Just give the pictures a click to see these Shambush! extravaganza pictures in full size.  All photos taken by the amazing Barbora Cetlova.

A Christmas Warning from Shambush!

22 Dec

Caution Fake Santas!

It has come to our attention there are a number of creepy fake Santa’s on the market.

Please approach with caution. If you have the misfortune to encounter one of these ‘Santas’ please refrain from telling them if you are, ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’. This may only excite them.

You can identify these fakes with three easy tells:

1) Fake beard of cotton wool or cushion stuffing attached with obvious gaffer tape fastenings

2) Lack of trademark Santa Beer Belly

3) Disturbing sign – often implying innuendo or sleazy act

Shambush! Cast and Crew – Utopia at the Brighton Dome

1 Nov

Shambush! were exceedingly happy with the mayhem and mentalness that we created on Saturday Night. We hope you enjoyed the carnage as much as we all did.
Right, here are the credits for the Shambush! Utopian Game Show at The Brighton Dome. If you would like to Adopt one of our performers, which will contribute to paying them for their work please do so by following this link. Pictures to follow!

Our Excellent Performers were…

(In no particular order they are each as wondrous as each other)

Tim Rogers – Audience Fluffer
Ben Tobin – Sign Holder Extroidinaire
John Burtt – Mallet’s Mallet
Kadjal Odedra – Glamourous Assitant – Generation Game
Dominic Rose – Utopian Butler
Michael Quinn – Utopian Butler
Emily Suiter Johnson – Glamourous Assitant – Generation Game
Nicholas Imaculate – The Candy Man
Simon Cole – Noel Deadmonds
Tamsin Hull – Death or No Death – Glamourous Assistant
Romy Boettger – Death or No Death – Glamourous Assistant (glamourous and a bit dead…)
Rebbecca Felgate -Glamourous Assistant – Fastermind
Billy Barrington – Host with the Most – Kittens or Mittens!
Emily Stride – Challenge Emily
Libby Mcnaught Roberts – Challenge Libby
Natalie Winter – Snow White
Ben Jasper – Prince Charming
Natasha Morley – Glamourous Assistant – Welcome to Utopia
Charlotte Grimes – Glamourous Assistant – Welcome to Utopia
Liz McCarthy- Glamourous Assistant in blue – Kittens or Mittens
Lottie Stanley – Glamourous Assistant in blue – Kittens or Mittens
Grace Barrington – Glamourous Assistant in glorious green – Kittens or Mittens
Sam Reader – Host with the Most – Kittens or Mittens!
Duncan – Host with the Most – Kittens or Mittens!
Rufus moonshine – Host – Fastermind
Bradly Green – Host – Crystal Daze
Joanna Hedges- Carol Vorderman
Rheanna Davidge-Huxley – Richard Whitely
Rachel Mahon – Cilla Black
Sam Fandango – Cilla Black
Flick Nichols – Utopia Waiting Room – Staff
Alice Stringer- Utopia Waiting Room – Staff
Amber Ryan – Utopia Waiting Room – Staff
Joel Herber – Utopia Waiting Room – Staff
Melody Roche – Utopian Lady
George Williams – Utopian Squire
Sarah Monk – Utopian Flute
Harry Neve – Lift Band
Julius Bangert – Lift Band
James Norman – Giovanni – in pink
Lucy Stewart – Juicy – in pink

Shambush!  – Annoying TV Crew
Imogen Miller Porter
Annie Whelan
Georgie Sworder
Anne Litobarski

Our Excellent Crew and Creative Team included:

Belinda Hood – Make Up and Scenic Artist
Jillian Miller – Fire Chief
Celyn Cooke – Prop Maker Extroidinaire
Mike Kann – Carpenter to the stars
Simon New – Graphic Design
Charlie Bear – Costume and Decor
Emma Noris – Excellent Decor and ongoing Shambush! support
Julius Bangert – Graphic Designer and excellent Shambush! support
Bettina Fung- Decor
Ben Tobin – Set Building and Decor
Natalie Bradwell – Set Building and Decor
Lucy Rushbrook – Set Building and Decor
Laura Edmans – Decor

Film and Photography:

Sam Porter – Sham Cam
Ben Goodwin Self – Sham Cam and Adopt A Performer Video Camera work and Editor
Barbora Cetlova – Photography


Nicholas Immaculate

Directed, Decorated, Organised and Created by Shambush!

Imogen Miller Porter
Annie Whelan
Georgie Sworder
Anne Litobarski

DJ’s :

Rory Lemon and Paul Freeman

Supported and Commissioned by The Brighton Dome

Special Thanks to Rebecca Fiddler, Claire Kiernon, Pippa Smith, Richard Garfield and Beth and David Green

Shambush! Adopt A Performer Campaign

21 Oct

The Shambush! Adopt A Performer Campaign is well underway and we need your help!

We’ve decided to embrace this crowd funding malarkey and get some dollar for the people who so generously perform and build for us, the people who make us work and for the principle that we want to be able to pay for the work that artists do.  We’ve got at least 35 people who deserve some money loving and your support, be it donating to or sharing our campaign, is invaluable. These sterling folk will be giving their skills and time to our biggest project yet at The Brighton Dome. White Night will see a spectacular arrangement of Shambushness! as yet unparalelled in the known world.

So to find out more about our Shambush! Adopt A Performer Campaign and all the brilliant reasoning behind it please head on over here… To our Shambush! Adopt A Performer Campaign page.


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